Friday, July 31, 2015

Piper LeVine, Destiny's Scribe Releases TODAY!

Piper LeVine, Destiny's Scribe released today! Wahoo!!
This is the fifth book in this best selling series! Are you all caught up? It's already received it's first review, and it was a FIVE STAR review! Hoooooraayyy!! So what is this one about?

I was betrayed by one of my own. 
I’ve been stripped of my Gypsy Magic, and it’s just about the worst possible time for it. A creature that’s over four hundred years old is coming. Don’t know if it’ll be a friend or foe but I do know that the vampires aren’t finished hunting me and I’ve managed to piss off a Sith Witch. 
Nicholas is with me. I know he’ll stand with me, but he can’t fight the poison that is growing inside me. I can’t deny the bad feeling I have in the pit of my stomach. Things are about to get nasty. 
I can’t say how things will end. I will not bow down, or back away. I will give this fight my all, even if it costs me everything. If this is my end, I will regret nothing. – Piper LeVine

I really hope you love Piper LeVine, Destiny's Scribe! Please let me know what you think and if you love my work, please don't forget to leave a review! THANKS!

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