Saturday, October 12, 2013

Piper LeVine, Follow the Leader NOW AVAILABLE!

  What? Piper LeVine, Follow the Leader is now available?


  Piper LeVine, Follow the Leader, is the third book in the Piper LeVine series. I am really excited to have it out and available for purchase. Many of you have been asking when it would be out, I hope this news makes your day!

So, what's Follow the Leader about? Here's the low down:

From Amazon Best Selling Author Eris Kelli:
Piper LeVine knows exactly who she is. The trouble is no one else does.
After striking a deal with Richard, a Scottish Vampire, Piper’s death was faked. Everyone she knows and loves can’t know she is alive. Piper has only her novice Gypsy magic and stubbornness on which to rely in order to finish what she has set out to do.
Nicholas has experienced a love so deep that it has imprinted on his soul. The love of his life is gone, and the whispers of the past remain. Revenge is what he seeks even if it carries the face of the woman lost. No one and nothing can stand in the way of this werewolf who will get his vengeance.
In a life where death is around every corner, Piper will fight to regain all that has been stolen. She will face her fears and embrace love, even if it has come to kill her.

I do hope you enjoy it! Here's where you can get your copy!

In paperback and kindle ebook Amazon:

ebook From Smashwords:

Paperback Barnes and Noble: 

Coming soon to ibookstore!

I do hope that if you read it and like it you will leave a review. It really helps me if you do and I so appreciate it and love to hear what you think! Thanks for all your support!

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