Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Tell Me There's No Time

  It's easy to say there is no time to write. Especially if you haven't started your project yet. The truth is there is time if you make time. Many writers will schedule a specific time in the day when they will write. This works if you honor your schedule and don't miss your allotted time. In fact it's a very responsible way to make absolutely sure you can fit writing into your everyday.
  My case is a bit tricky being that I've got a newborn. My schedule is not currently my own as all parents know who've dealt with a brand new baby. I could really use this as an excuse not to write but I haven't. For one thing, I have to write. I get depressed if I don't write. It's like breathing for me. I had to make time.
  A drooling cutie pie who already is grabbing at everything is not a good laptop buddy if you're looking to keep your computer in working order, so I had to come up with another way. I carry around a notebook and whenever I get a chance I write. Sometimes I'll have tons of pages that I will then have to transfer to my computer but in the end the writing is there and my project is progressing. For those of you who are struggling. Give my carry the notebook advice a try. Good luck and happy writing!

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